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My nephew recently started painting, and he was like, “hey, how about we paint the same canvas?” and I was like, “hey, how about we paint separate canvases and then switch them?” Sounds like a plan! What could go wrong?... Continue Reading →

What If

Alright, so I like big canvases and I cannot lie. I just recently discovered this. To date, “big” would be 18x24. 16x20 is my happy place. So maybe we should say bigger than 15x19 is what I have been mostly... Continue Reading →


Don't laugh.  But what does a conversation about Pebble Tech, tile in a nail salon, and orange sunset clouds have in common? Nothing. Unless you are me, and these somehow come together as inspiration for a painting. And I do... Continue Reading →

Just Be

One of the things I enjoy most about painting is that time becomes a non-factor. There is no sense of it. It’s a wonderful thing just allowing yourself to become immersed and enjoy the process you’re engaging in, with no... Continue Reading →


Let’s define artistry. What comes to mind when you hear the word artistry? For me, it is someone who can create a masterpiece out of thin air. Not magically—because I am sure that it took them time and effort, and... Continue Reading →


I do not wish I was taller. I simply believe I am. Any laughing or eye rolling ensuing at this moment is entirely appropriate. Inspiration for a bumper sticker is also understood. How I discovered this is quite entertaining. The... Continue Reading →

Priority Choice

I was standing in line at a store that also offered mailing services during the holidays and heard quite the exchange between a patron and an employee. The patron wanted to send a card to a loved one that would... Continue Reading →

Let Me Tell You

People like to know secrets. It’s a thing. Some are good about passing those secrets right along to others who do not currently know the secret. That’s also a thing. A fast way to get the word out is to... Continue Reading →

Child’s Play

I am a fan of the toddler years. These years are hilarious and fascinating. Their imagination sprouts, they begin discovering, and they say things that make you wonder where on earth they came up with it. The top priority of... Continue Reading →

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