All good things must come to an end. They do. It isn’t always easy, and we don’t always want them to. A heads up would be appreciated for the times it seems like the end just comes out of nowhere. Like finding out we’re out of peanut butter cups. Oh boy. That is a doozy. Know what else is a doozy? Drinking the kale shake my friends said wouldn’t taste so bad. Not true. I say they are horrible liars with errant taste buds. That’s the only logical takeaway.

 Getting back to endings, there are shifts happening all of the time. I think of them as seasons. Not unlike actual seasons, changes occur in our lives whether we planned them or not. They are happening, and that is a fact. I’ve heard of people wishing a certain season would go away, but that has more to do with what part of the country they live in.

That there are seasons is part of what makes life so full and interesting, even the seasons we would rather do without. It’s easy to welcome the ones we enjoy or look forward to. But in all of them, there are new challenges, new discoveries, new opportunities we can engage with if we choose to. It is helpful to identify the season we are in even when it is seems difficult to do so.

Seasons are the backdrop for this blog, meaning there is an end that I want you to know about up front. There will be a point when this blog will have run its course, and that will mean it will be time to stop. I may not know it’s time, but there are truthful people in my life who will help me know. By truthful, I mean the ones who say what I need to hear as opposed to the ones who are just critical. The critical version can take a hike. In fact, I’ve already packed a picnic they can take with them.

That said I am organizing this blog into three parts. The first will be a bit episodic as it reveals the backstory. Please don’t be concerned – backstory does not mean we will go trekking through my childhood. Trust me. I want to do that even less than you do. The second will focus on process and perspective, almost like a behind the scenes. That will probably make more sense when we get to it. The third will be the last part, and that is still TBD. This story is still unfolding so you will be in the know as much as I am once we get to it. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to.

If you find there are portions of any given post that seem like I think they are funny and you don’t, that is okay. Just know it’s me, not you. I have been made aware that I think I am funnier than I really am, and I completely disagree. Granted that was said by both the truthful folks and the critical but regardless, I laugh and laugh a lot. So that makes me the winner.

 There you have it – that’s the introduction to this blog. I hope you enjoy and are inspired as I bring to light what I have worked very hard in the past to keep underground.

Let’s begin.