I went to visit a childhood friend whom I had not seen in quite some time. I noticed she had stacks of artwork leaning against various walls in her place. Odd. I asked if I could peruse, and she agreed. These were good, and I thought it curious she would have so many pieces. It didn’t seem many had even been hung. So I asked her about it.

What I learned surprised me. It turned out these works of art were hers. What? It was one of the times where you rack your brain for the connection that helps everything make sense. There was no indicator that I could recall that would have led me to believe my friend was on her way to being an artist. Something I did not say aloud because it was possible I had simply missed it.

We talked some about this. I say “some” because she acted like it was no big deal to have these great pieces that she herself created. Not in an arrogant way but in a “this seemed perfectly natural to her” kind of way.

Her story goes she was heading down one path in college when she decided to try an art class. She liked the class so much; she took others. Then she ended up changing majors and on the other side became an artist. Fascinating. This really did just happen for her. I thought there should be some sort of explanation, but there wasn’t. She found something she liked and just went with it. How nice.

I think the part that was taking me back was that I had known this person for a long time. I say a long time because time operates differently in the teenage years, which we had known each other for all of. And when these years straddle both a portion of the eighties and the nineties, you have seen each other through a large amount of styles and product. Hairstyles and hair product especially. Yikes.

To find out she had this hidden talent that had gone undetected was both incredible and surprising. I didn’t know how to process this so I did what any good friend would do. I got mad at her.

The being mad didn’t last long because I did see how that reaction was pretty silly. But I did remain intrigued by this notion that life as you know it doesn’t have to be locked in. There is room for exploring and discovery and finding more of who you really are if you choose to. I wondered why so many people I had known kept hobbling down the path that is expected when they, too, could unearth their own hidden talents.

Then I pointed the finger at myself wondering this same thing. I quickly pointed it away as soon as I saw the amount of courage involved and at that time I wasn’t quite up for that. What I did do was let the seed plant. And then that was about as much as I did with it for a long, long time.

One day that seed sprouted at the most unexpected time. I am so glad.