Okay, this needs a bit of preface. We are about to talk about a single stage of the birthing process purely for the sake of analogy, and I promise it will not cross into anything undesirable. I’ll make it quick. Ready? Here goes.

Just before a baby is born, there is this stage called “transition.” It is the part where your body puts your brain in a time out and takes over. It is intense and necessary and something you have never experienced before or since unless you have had more than one baby. Some say during this process you may feel feelings you have not felt before.

It seems highly probable this is due to the fact your body has put your brain in a time out and that you have officially reached the point of no return. The only choice is to see this process through. End of story. There is truly joy on the other side and not just because you are through it. You have your precious baby, and it is true that you forget everything you have been through the moment you see them. All was well worth it.

My husband and I knew we were heading into a new season, which would require some transition, as our only child was graduating high school to go off as he should. We did not know that at the same time, we would be relocating across the country to a place I had not even been to. This all happened rather quickly, and suddenly, my husband and I found we were building an entirely new life together. Always together.

Most are aware that the recommendation is not to make more than one major life change at once. That cannot always be helped. In less than two months, my husband and I had moved from one coast to the other, started new jobs, were living in a different house, making all new friends, etc. You know, just a few minor changes. Thank God we had each other. And GPS. We were very thankful for GPS.

You know what was the biggest adjustment for me? Time. I do not know the last time I had so much free time. Free time was bliss, but it was also confusing. It was like being handed a present that was all yours, but you first had to figure out how to use it so you could engage with it.

Once I got past the how to use free time part, I chose to engage with exploring and found I discovered things I did not know were waiting for me. This was not without going through a process, which was at times difficult and required persistence to push past some things.

I can tell you it was beyond worth it and something I will forever look back on with the opposite of regret. And of course, painting became a big part of it.