CJ Selby Art

And the Thought Behind It


June 2017

Let Me Tell You

People like to know secrets. It’s a thing. Some are good about passing those secrets right along to others who do not currently know the secret. That’s also a thing. A fast way to get the word out is to... Continue Reading →

Child’s Play

I am a fan of the toddler years. These years are hilarious and fascinating. Their imagination sprouts, they begin discovering, and they say things that make you wonder where on earth they came up with it. The top priority of... Continue Reading →

On Display

Show and tell day at school was very exciting. I looked forward to it the way seals look forward to being rewarded after performing at the aquarium. When announced, I did clap, but I drew the line at calling sounds... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been expecting guests for dinner, but when you open the oven door you see a dish that is clearly not servable? I haven’t because my husband does almost all of the cooking and therefore I don’t face... Continue Reading →

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