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July 2017


Don't laugh.  But what does a conversation about Pebble Tech, tile in a nail salon, and orange sunset clouds have in common? Nothing. Unless you are me, and these somehow come together as inspiration for a painting. And I do... Continue Reading →

Just Be

One of the things I enjoy most about painting is that time becomes a non-factor. There is no sense of it. It’s a wonderful thing just allowing yourself to become immersed and enjoy the process you’re engaging in, with no... Continue Reading →


Let’s define artistry. What comes to mind when you hear the word artistry? For me, it is someone who can create a masterpiece out of thin air. Not magically—because I am sure that it took them time and effort, and... Continue Reading →


I do not wish I was taller. I simply believe I am. Any laughing or eye rolling ensuing at this moment is entirely appropriate. Inspiration for a bumper sticker is also understood. How I discovered this is quite entertaining. The... Continue Reading →

Priority Choice

I was standing in line at a store that also offered mailing services during the holidays and heard quite the exchange between a patron and an employee. The patron wanted to send a card to a loved one that would... Continue Reading →

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