I do not wish I was taller. I simply believe I am. Any laughing or eye rolling ensuing at this moment is entirely appropriate. Inspiration for a bumper sticker is also understood. How I discovered this is quite entertaining. The view of my height that is, not bumper stickers.

There is a bit of a height difference between my husband and I. I did know this. How much taller he is than me was not something I fully grasped out of the gate. The first time I saw a picture of the two of us where I wasn’t wearing heels, I was taken back. I literally asked him if I was really that much shorter than he is. The revelation was startling because I feel so much taller. In my mind, I am practically the same height as him. That camera was probably broken or something.

Facts bring a whole lot of information and context. As the saying goes, “the data doesn’t lie” (I don’t know if that is an official saying, but I hear people say it often so I’m going with it here.) Numbers matter. They need to add up. Points of truth are anchoring. There always needs to be a home base for grounding.

“All the world’s a stage” thanks to social media. That’s the problem. These tools spread the love to hundreds, thousands, even millions.  The fact that they CAN spread the love to this many people does not mean that will be the case. It just means they can. The tools can. They are tools. Tools that offer numbers. And reporting.

Bring in the honest folk here. We need them to remind us of the why behind what we are doing. We need to remember why we wanted to share and what we are sharing. Otherwise, it can feel like a free for all. It could also feel discouraging.

Just because a resource is available does not mean it is necessary to utilize. It does not mean it is a good fit. Here we go again with the tools. I knew I was going to blog. I knew I was going to post pictures. This did not mean I needed to utilize every tool out there. This did not mean every tool out there was going to be a good fit. For what I was doing, less was more. As the saying goes, “you can always add, but it’s a lot harder to subtract.” That’s a saying I’m told is used by chefs. Seems like a good rule of thumb.

We don’t need all the platforms. We need to know the one(s) that suit us. The one(s) that serve us. The one(s) that benefit us. Because they are tools. And there are seasons. Some may be very short lived. Some may be keepers. None of them define us. And they should not own us.

When alerts begin to indicate there is activity from the tools you are utilizing, it can be tempting to want to see these alerts pour in at all times. It feels good. It means there is engagement with the very thing you put out there because you care about it. So what. Tweak as need be, but stay the course. Steady as she goes.

I remember an interview with an actor who was in a film that people were swooning over. When the reporter inquired about how the public response was impacting them, they matter of factly said how they believed this project was going to work and it did. The fact that people were connecting personally was very nice. How’s that for perspective?

Not everything we do is world changing. If something we do is encouraging, even for one person, it was worth sharing. That is where I land. Do the best I can. Know the why behind it. Stay in my lane. And hope it brings some inspiration or reassurance.

I hope this has been encouraging.