Let’s define artistry. What comes to mind when you hear the word artistry? For me, it is someone who can create a masterpiece out of thin air. Not magically—because I am sure that it took them time and effort, and I am even more certain they are creating something I can’t. Hence my marveling.

Marveling is different than connecting. Marveling can be standing in awe of what you are beholding whether you like it or not. It is appreciating. Connecting is something different entirely because you are feeling something. It is like communicating.

I have had several occasions where I am watching a movie and a certain scene or moment of dialogue absolutely grabs me. There have been times when I’m listening to a song and feel like the artist just sang my heart out, for which I am grateful for because I wouldn’t have known how…moments when I’m standing in a garden and wonder what the landscaper was thinking that caused that certain section or a path to seem so inviting…amazed at how a meal is presented as if staged to be photographed, yet still has the homemade feel that is heartwarming. The list goes on.

There are things we encounter each and every day that come from others’ abilities to create. It doesn’t have to be formalized for it to be deemed “creative.” I have found more often than not that conversations about art appreciation, regardless of form or medium, can leave the beholder feeling less than artistic. I don’t think that is how that should stay.

Perhaps it isn’t that someone lacks creativity, but rather that they haven’t yet found the right canvas to create on. To that I would say not to give up, keep searching. Because art can be a wonderful form of expression that allows countless artists to take the stage. There are many, many unique interpretations of similar topics and veins that stand out because of the artist’s individuality. I appreciate the commitment to their individual pursuit rather than trying to fit into a mold for the sake of fitting it.

I am on my own pursuit of what my individual artistry looks like because I know the answer to a question. The question is, if you had the choice, do you really want to replicate what someone else has done or create something unique that stems from you? I want the latter.

Because of this I am inviting you to step inside my studio despite the spills. I have found that learning in the limelight is nothing to shy away from. Exposure brings in new perspective which is valuable and good for growth. So don’t be shy about vocalizing what you see or read going forward.

And speaking of going forward, whether or not you paint or consider yourself an artist (even one in the making), as you read this blog I hope you will think of your own canvas whatever that may be. And as you do, if there are times that you feel afraid, don’t be. And know that there is no perfection out of the gate. Trust the passion you have for that endeavor and let it lead the way. Blaze your own trail that showcases what you are aiming to communicate and enjoy every moment of it. As I’ve said previously, it is a process, and the process is worth it. So go for it.