Don’t laugh.  But what does a conversation about Pebble Tech, tile in a nail salon, and orange sunset clouds have in common? Nothing. Unless you are me, and these somehow come together as inspiration for a painting. And I do realize it was unfair to ask you not to laugh.

I will do my best to walk you through this. A 16×20 size canvas is my “comfort zone.” This explains the number of these I have stored and stacked (both completed and not). So naturally this was the go-to for painting one “just for fun.” (See above.)

I started with a grey background, as would be expected for this. Then I got distracted with trying to stage shots because I was enthralled with the camera quality of my new phone. Once I got over that, I created a large grid with a palette knife and then added the black and white. I’m not sure what the grid was for unless that was supposed to be a special shout out to the salon tile. And then circles. Again, I’m not sure how circles seemed like the logical next step, but here they are.

The thing about working with palette knives is it’s a lot about the feel and the amount of pressure you are applying, not to mention how the angle with which you hold the knife can greatly change the application. This is especially tricky for me when mirroring the method I was applying when working from right to left if I am then reversing the direction. But the same thing happens when I’m brushing my teeth. I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Here is where we make the turn. Diagonal black lines followed by pink and metallic green. Because I have acrylic paint that is metallic green. A staple for sure. (Not really.)

Something else you can do with your palette knives is you can use them to scrape the paint right off. It is an actual technique, and one that I used here. No pictures of that. I brought back in the pink, gray, and white but this time added orange and covered the canvas so that it was sort of layering a combination of rainbow and vertical strokes.


That metallic door was opened earlier with the green and so I figured we’d just walk right on through. Metallic gold really is one of my staples and may or may not be greatly used. If I’m being honest, metallic silver is a close second. I am a fan of the metallics.


I wanted to add some definition so I worked in vertical white lines in rows right over top of everything. The outcome seemed very busy. I remedied with deep blue circles (not as exciting as the orange-white ones now completely covered up) and called it complete.

While this looks like a theatre or concert hall, I titled it “Wonder” because I wonder how this is the outcome from where this started. I have never painted anything like this before. Maybe the title should just be an emoji.