I had already been thinking about the follow-up to the “epic” (for me) because I had another 30×40 inch canvas in hand which was going to live just down the hall from the other. This was going to replace several smaller pieces going for a grander look and feel that connected the dots to the one in the foyer. These wouldn’t just be seen by guests but my husband and I would pass by these several times a day, and I wanted something that wouldn’t just catch my eye but cause me to stop to ponder—sort of like a constant opportunity to  stop to smell the roses.

Just before painting this piece, I had seen a post of an honest confession to the discouragement that comes with pursuit. After reading, I just wanted them to know not to give up and trust. I thought about how hard it can be when you’re waiting for something that you believe will be…and the irony of the word courage within the word encouragement.

This painting was an incredible experience, and I would paint this one again in a heartbeat. It is my personal favorite to date, and I am going to let it speak for itself rather than offer a play by play. I’ve titled it “Hope.” Be encouraged.