Where we live, there are extreme storms that come roaring through during certain seasons of the year. The kind of storms that induce multiple notifications alerting you to such news. Such a jarring incident occurred recently on the way to work. My phone blared the flash flood warning at such an alarming pitch, I thought something was wrong with it. Turns out we have a fantastic stereo in the car, and the bluetooth set up works wonderfully. Wowzers. So that’s one way to snap out of whatever it was you were thinking about.

Whoever oversees the highway digital signage has a sense of humor for sure. Somehow they’ve turned this signage into an opportunity to be both topical and relevant with the context of safe driving. But not when conditions truly are hazardous or tragic. There’s nothing funny to be said there.

My husband and I were driving just behind one of these storms (different kind of storm chasing, no one here is trying to one up Jim Cantore), and the signage alerted us to extreme winds accompanying the heavy rains. This sparked conversation about what wind can do, especially when sailing. The wind fills your sails. That was some tangible imagery which inspired this painting.

I approached the background differently than I have before in that I used two base colors instead of one, which was intentional. This one needed to take on personality out of the gate.

This one was more about the texture with each layer than it was about the color. The colors were unassuming considering the theme. But the feel needed to have continuous movement that seemed purposeful and orderly.

To my surprise after hanging this, I realized there needed to be a second one just like it. I followed along with these very pictures until it was clear the second one needed to take on a personality of its own. It seems the first painting laid the groundwork for the second because fashioning this one came easily.

I didn’t have the first one with me when painting the second so when I hung it up, it was honestly a joy to see these side by side. Pretty cool.

These canvases are both 12×24 and hang side by side in just the right nook of the house. No surprise, I’ve titled these “Winds I” and “Winds II.” I like the reminder they offer.