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On Display

Show and tell day at school was very exciting. I looked forward to it the way seals look forward to being rewarded after performing at the aquarium. When announced, I did clap, but I drew the line at calling sounds... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been expecting guests for dinner, but when you open the oven door you see a dish that is clearly not servable? I haven’t because my husband does almost all of the cooking and therefore I don’t face... Continue Reading →


Don’t laugh—before a weekend concludes, I will have determined my entire wardrobe for the coming work week, complete with shoes and jewelry. As some have become of aware of this, they think one of two things: “She is so organized.”... Continue Reading →


“Thank you for the opportunity. This has served as a greenhouse that has allowed me to grow”. Can you imagine that sentiment being part of what you convey in your farewell speech? I can because I witnessed it. Once upon... Continue Reading →

Tool Kit

Shoulds and oughts. These two cause trouble. I should be able to. I ought to do this. I should shove “ought” out and then kick “should” out right behind it. Seriously. They are everywhere and in a creative space might... Continue Reading →


I know this is really obvious in my work but I am completely inspired by nature. The being obvious part is straight up sarcasm—just so we're clear. I am so inspired by scenery that one of my dearest friends wants... Continue Reading →

Think About It

A co-worker stood in my doorway once to let me know they thought I was a good thinker. Okay. Thank you. I think. That was not a compliment I have heard before or since. That was noticeably different than the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Rush This

Let’s discuss the creative process, shall we? I was not aware of this process or that there was any real legitimacy to it. I thought it was just artists being “artsy,” so when I heard it referenced I never really... Continue Reading →

Buckle Up

It’s interesting to me that a caterpillar puts its own self into a cocoon. As if entry to that stage of transformation is by choice. I have not studied this process and probably will not based on the little bit... Continue Reading →

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